Want to be an expedition leader?

Expedition leaders are hand selected to enhance the overall experience of the group.  Leaders are expected to make decisions for overall safety of group members, follow a fast paced itinerary, have great communication skills, sign a non-compete, and be committed to following ROAM Humanitarian’s training and culture guidelines. Expedition Leaders trip fees are covered by ROAM Humanitarian. Expedition Leaders will pay for their airfare. Immediate children of trip leaders may come at a reduced rate. 

Expedition leaders are expected to market and help fill the expedition they're leading. Every referal gets $100 toward airfare. Expedition leaders coordinate donations before and during the expedition. Our leaders are also expected to attend a half day training and other planning meetings as needed.

In order to be considered for an expedition leader role, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have traveled with Justin and Lindsay on a previous ROAM Humanitarian expedition.
  2. Be a married couple or over the age of 25.
  3. Be comfortable with world travel and have leadership experience.  
  4. Be a great decision maker and an effective problem solver in high stress situations.
  5. Construction, medical, and travel experience is a plus.

Please email hello@roamhumanitarian.org if you are interested in this position.